I searched Puppies on Google and found your website. I’m looking for Poochon Puppies  for sale. I saw Bella and fell in love. In the process of buying and moving to Phoenix, every step is a very simple process. You keep me informed about your progress. If I have any questions about anything, you will always call me. I seriously consider making Bella a playmate. After making this decision, I’ll just call you. Thanks for your help and answer my stupid question.


Tara McClanahan Martinez

Our Poochon Puppy has become an excellent companion. Thank you very much for keeping your promise, because we think you were asking for our money.

We named our poochon puppy Ollie, he’s very smart. Learn and learn things very fast. It is smarter than coal. Looking forward to our call, because we will prepare another puppy for our daughter on her birthday in September.


Ragen Rice

In April 2021, we brought home our healthy lil Poochon! From day one he has been great!! He is smart, learns fast and always keeps us laughing!! He is very loving and his personality is awesome!! We are so blessed and thankful we found Poochon Pups!!! was so helpful and they made the entire process enjoyable!! They did not mind all my questions and concerns as well as all the questions and concerns from my kids! Thank you so much Poochon Pups!! You truly care about your fur babies and it shows!!! Thank you thank you thank you!


Bea Talbot Mayard

Two days before Christmas I took a long shot and reached out to Poochon Pups about Marilyn, a 3 month old Maine coon who I thought surely wasn’t available. We must have been meant to be because she was and we took her home that day. We love her more than we could ever have imagined!! Thank you Poochon Pups for your up to date, beautiful website, your attention to detail and for making our Christmas wish come true!


Susan Sinitiere

Hello, you don’t know how much joy you brought to our family. My son is very happy to find a good partner. They played all day and even slept on the sofa together. You are great breeders. You guided me through the entire adoption process and ensured that my Poochon puppy arrived safely. As promised, it came with all vaccination records and documents. Many thanks.


Rheesa Jewel

We adopted our PooChon, Loki (originally Pistachio) from Poochon Pups in December 2021. He was a tiny little fluff ball who was quiet at first but we were assured he had the personality of a lifetime! They weren’t wrong! This little boy is so smart, so full of personality and so loving! He is 4lbs now and loves our family so much! He is SO protective of our children and yet so loving and always excited to meet someone new! Poochon Pups  takes great care of her puppies and always insures that they are going to the right home! We love our Loki and so proud to show him and his personality off! 🙂


The Brantley Family