About Hugo

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Say hello to Hugo! He truly is one crowd-stopping Poochon puppy! With his puppy dog eyes and beautiful creamish coat, he will be turning heads everywhere he goes. What really seals the deal is Hugo’s intelligent mind, obedience, and puppy kisses! While he loves to run around and play to get out all of his energy, be ready for him to curl right up into your lap for snuggle time. Hugo is one pup you don’t want to pass up, so reserve him today!

***Dogs may change color naturally as they mature due to many factors such as genetics, hair type, losing puppy fur and changing to the adult coat, pigmentation, hormonal changes, seasonal changes, shaving, etc. Color changes are expected and can occur quickly and at any time. We cannot guarantee a dog’s permanent coat color for these reasons.

Puppy Snapshot

Parents Spotlight

Sire (Dad)

Sire has a coat that is ruby in color. He enjoys playing, running, snuggling, socializing, and walking.

He is super loving and very athletic. He loves to play in the water. He is definitely a lover and loves affection.

Dam (Mom)

Dam has a coat that is blenheim in color. When she’s not taking care of her puppies she enjoys playing, snoozing, snuggling, socializing, and walking.

This dog loves to play with toys and play fetch. If you ignore her toy for a few minutes then she’s ready to cuddle. She does not wonder very far from the house and always comes inside when I call her!